Wooley’s Western Bias in Excavation at the Royal Cemetery of Ur

In this research paper I would like you to only use the sources I provide. Please select two burial contects to focus on in Wooley’s excavations of the royal cemetery of Ur. Look into Wooleys interpretations of less wealthy death pits. Aim to display if is there a common string of interpretation. I would like the focus of the paper to be on wooley’s western bias while conducting his excavation. Please include a dialouge with the author (Wooley) and his bias. Begin with the problem you want to explore (his western biases) and try not to write too much basic preliminary information (less orienting is more, assume the reader is already familiar with the topic). The Zettler catalogue questions about the unusual or  underappreciated burial contexts, articulate western biases. Please refer to the writing tools I attach, as the professor is looking for a very specific concise style (see Lanham doc).

Zettler: https://www.worldcat.org/title/treasures-from-the-royal-tombs-of-ur/oclc/38884371/viewport

Wooley: Woolley, Ur Excavations, Volume II: The Royal Cemetery

Please use Zettler as well as Wooley’s original excavations.

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