The Significance of Coronavirus

Students should find an article in a referenced journal to use as a template to utilize a similar format with their manuscript being developed. This should provide excellent guidance both for format and in deciding where to submit the manuscript for consideration to be published. (you can just look at how other scholarly articles are written with an introduction, abstract, etc). This essay is to speak about how the coronavirus is significant, differ from influenza and the west nile virus. What are the signs and symptoms that people should look for? Remember this is a nurse practitioner writing this paper towards nurses and other healthcare personnel whether it be in a hospital or outside setting. We need to educate the public about how coronavirus should be recognized and how its different. can it kill you? who is susceptible?

Please use scholarly articles of doctors or any other professional person writing it when using these sources.

A minimum of 20 current references (less than 3 years old) is expected.
Strict APA format must be used! please!

The essay should begin with a 1. case study, about a specific patient that was affected by the corona virus (it does not have to be real or cited)

2. Introduction – introduce what the coronavirus is
3. define the terms with risk factors
4. Rates of people affected, where they are affected, how they are affected
5. morbidity and mortality
6. contributing factors/assessment( lack of education, lack of insurance?)
7. studies on existing disparities
8. limitations
9. discussion
10. conclusion

You may use search engines such as CINAHL
National Cancer Institute
Mayo Clinic
American College of Physicians
Open Clinical

Attached is the actual paper instructions that was given in class.

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