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Vampire as Hero/Vampire as Villain

How important is self-control? Can this concept move a character typically categorized as a villain into the realm of the hero? This discussion question asks us to consider whether or not a vampires ability to exercise self-control is enough to change the way he/she is viewed, from the archetype of villain to the archetype of hero.

After reading Chapter 44, return to page 778 of your text, particularly the paragraph regarding vampiric feeding, and review your notes from the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel that was assigned viewing for this module. Return, also, to your notes on heroes from previous modules to help you complete this activity.

In your initial post, discuss the difference between the vampire as hero and the vampire as villain. Explain how this compares with our concept of the hero from previous modules, and evaluate whether the vampire can be truly considered a hero as defined in mythology. Use our readings and the required episode Angel as evidence for your analysis.

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