Reforms at Arizona Child Protective Service (CPS)

* You are required to use a minimum of 10 sources (including course materials). 
* Format your paper in accordance with APA style guidelines. 
* The paper is to be written in Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. 
* Writing should be clear, well-organized, and contain minimal grammatical errors.
Organize your paper with the following sections and be sure to answer all questions in each section:
1) Background
* What is the organization?
* What does this organization do?
* What is the reform or proposed change (please be specific)?
* What were the drivers of the change?
* Were they internal or external?
* What level (individual, group, or organizational) is the change occurring?
2) Leadership: Who is the current leader of this organization?
* Did the events driving the change occur when he/she was in charge?
* Based on your research, do they appear to be transformational or transactional? Why or why not?
3) Barriers to Change
* What are the environmental barriers to change?
* Are resources available to support the change?
* Is there consensus on what the goal of the change should be?
* How are the organizations employees likely to respond to the proposed changes? Why might employees resist change?
4) Strategies for Successful Change
* Based on the readings for this class, what advice would you give to this organization to successfully implement the proposed changes or reforms?
* Specifically, how might a leader overcome the barriers to change that you have identified?

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The post Reforms at Arizona Child Protective Service (CPS) appeared first on Savvy Essay Writers.

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