Process Of Learning Power Point 15-20 Slides-Educational Psychology

The process of learning begins with experiences that are etched upon the brain. The brain is an organ of learning, and learning is biological. The purpose of this project is to explore the brain as it relates to learning and teaching.

You are a new teacher in a public school. Your administrator has asked you to give a presentation about the learning process to your students’ parents.

Create a PowerPoint presentation using 15-25 slides that respond to the items below:

  1. What does it mean when we say the best predictor of a child’s learning is what they already know?
  2. Explain in detail how we learn.
  3. Explain the teachers and parents roles in teaching and learning.
  4. How are teaching and learning connected?
  5. Explain the inclusion classroom and language to be used according to IDEA.
  6. Select a cognitive, social or behavioral disability/challenge, then define the disability/challenge and explain two things the teacher could do to support a student with that particular disability/challenge in the classroom.

The slides should be appealing and use key words and phrases, as well as diagrams and pictures.

Make sure to use the Notes section or a separate document to script what you will say in your presentation. Without the script, your assignment will be incomplete.


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