Planning-Principles Of Management

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  • Select one of the case applications from the textbook
    • Planning for Holiday Shipping at FedEx – Article attached in PDF
  • Perform part of the steps of the strategic management process
    • Identify the organization’s current mission, goals, and strategies (today)
    • Develop the external analysis, identifying the opportunities and threats
    • Develop the internal analysis, identifying the strengths and weaknesses
    • Make a table to present all of the SWOT areas
    • Formulate the strategy to achieve a competitive advantage, and explain how it will be implemented and evaluated
  • As a conclusion, identify the role of the manager in the strategic management process


  • Word document
  • Maximum pages: five pages (not including the title page or references), at least 2 references
  • Font: Times New Roman or Arial, size 12
  • Paper must follow APA format with Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs


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