Assignments #2 (Extended Definition for Non-Expert Audiences)
Length: 1,200 words (not including reflection)

Choose a medical or health term that either is not commonly understood, or is commonly misunderstood, or (due to recent advances or to changes in perspective) is now differently understood.
–  The audience is parents with young children, adolescents, and children at risk of obesity.

Write an extended definition for that term for a non-expert audience, using a minimum of 3 sources as support.
It is extremely important to carefully consider why the audience would want/need to read this definition, in what situation or setting your piece would appear, and what you hope the audience will gain by reading it. This assignment will be accompanied by a 250-word reflective memo that explains to me why this audience & this venue for this term & how you appealed to them specifically, i.e., what strategies you used.

A sample paper is below

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