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    For the next two weeks, we are reading three classics of Native American culture. And the writing assignment — a Comparison paper — is due here on Discussion Board (DB) on or

before Feb 19. Pleaes be sure to allow a few days for and for you to correct it. Post the final copy and the review… You are required to use

If you skip this or it’s late, you lost five points toward your final class grade. (and five points for the other requirement in this class). so to recap, you are using for two assignments (one here and one later); together they are worth 10 points toward your final class grade. But they must be posted on time. Late post doesn’t count….

There are no exceptions to requirement (except if you choose to use campus tutors, but you have to post the proof of that on on Discussion Board on time….)

1. *”Letter from Chief Seattle”; 2. “Black Elk Speaks”; 3. and Luther Standing Bear. The first is a letter to the settler or invaders and

has a strong theme of respect for people, animals and the planet. The second one is from a mystic

and warrior who was present at The Battle of the Little Big Horn where Custer and the others were killed in battle.

The third is about Native American culture, land, spirit, memory and more. it’s hard to divide things with Native American

and indigenous culture, for the ancients didn’t have such hard categories. Spirituality and art, for example, were often indistinguishable. 

I. Read all three.

*First is Chief Seattle. Read the whole Letter, it’s short and great: 


*For Black Elk Speaks, read Chapter 3 The Great Visions (pages 16-36). As a boy, he had a powerful visions that sustained him. Visions and Vision Quests were very important to

to Native Americans and other indigenous peoples and others around the world. Black Elk became a warrior and medicine man and was present at the Battle of the Little Big Horn,

one of the last great battles between Natives and invaders.

Black Elk Speaks –
Black Elk Speaks – Foreword by Vine Deloria Jr. conception of Black Elk’s tribe, the Oglala Sioux, and others of whom do not, as a rule, even like Indians. The spiritual framework of the pipe ceremonies and the story of Black Elk’s life and vision are well known, and speculations on

For Luther Standing Bear: read Chapter 7: Indian Wisdom. This is from his book, Land of the Spotted Eagle

Land of the Spotted Eagle
Luther Standing Bear (December 1868 February 20, 1939) was an Oglala Lakota chief notable in American history as a Native American author, educator, philosopher, and actor of the twentieth century.-

II. Comparative Essay. Compare all three and be sure to have one or more very short quotes, double spacing, excellent title and solid complex and interesting thesis…

Sample thesis:

      Chief Seattle, Black Elk and Luther Standing Bear lived in a time of great violence and change but were somehow

able to offer a powerful vision to their time period and to the future….

Sample outline:

1. Thesis and introduction. Some brief bios. Time and place info, etc.

Personal reflections. Wisdom. Contemporary perspective.

2. Chief Seattle and comparisions

3. Black Elk and comparisions

4. Luther Standing Bear and comparisons

5. Conclusion. Tie it all together. Mention them all in one sentence. Have a few sentences.

End on a high note. Keep the reader enticed and wanting more.

best regards


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