Medieval Recreation

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Research Project:
    – Select a focused episode and investigate its role in World Civilization from 1000 to 1700. 
    – Write an essay of 1200 words that examines one or two aspects of the this topic:

Frontiers in Motion
Empire Building
Ecological Revolution
Imperial Arenas

To complete this research you will need to locate:

****one or more primary historical sources (documents written during the time you are focusing on.)*****


A diary excerpt from a Medieval explorer

An material artifact of historical significance (coin, device, map)

Literary publication

Quote in a scholarly biographies.


****at least two secondary historical sources that place the primary sources in their historical context (works written by contemporary historians).****

    1) Examples:

        a) A book (monograph) on world         history

        b) Documentaries

        c) An encyclopedia entry (Weak)   
I choose to research in medieval Game and Entertainment from 1000-1700

Here is my proposal:

Medieval Times Entertainments and Games


Every human being regardless of where or in the what period they lived in, all wanted to live their life joyfully. When we think of medieval times, the first thing that comes to our mind is the warlike character of people. People at that time also enjoyed going to events, feasts, games, and sports just like us. For my Magazine research paper, I am thinking of researching medieval Times Entertainment and Games. I want to focus on what they did during their free time. If they participated in tournaments, played board games, or did any sports. I would like to find out if anyone was prohibited from participating in the medieval game. For instance, based on their ranking in society, did anyone get excluded from participating in certain sports or games. What type of game was played by a different region of people at that time? Did religion or culture restrict people from playing a certain type of game?  I would like to find out if these games and entertainment were isolated from other groups of people. One of the most famous games that was played in medieval Europe by the Christians was: Chess, Table, and Dicing. Chess was more common at the local level rather than centralized ones (Olson, Page 2).  In some regions, Chess was not allowed because people started to gamble while participating in chess. I will go more in-depth in these entertainments and games around the medieval time and look at if these games impacted people living conditions positively or negatively.

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The post Medieval Recreation appeared first on Essay Writers.

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