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Now that you have explored some of the different types of available funding opportunities, you will research some potential funding sources for your hypothetical early childhood organization and develop a funding plan.

For this assignment, you will be using the Unit 6 Assignment Template, which has four parts.

Part 1: Prospect Form

Conduct research in the Purdue Global Library and through online databases using search strategies that you have developed in your course studies. Note that while you will likely find a great number of potential funding sources, you might have to refine your search. For example, you may need to specify your type of early childhood organization (profit vs. non-profit), a particular topic or issue that you are seeking to support, and which type of organization you will approach for funding (private foundations, government grants, local donors, fundraising events, etc.

Please include the following information in Part 1 of your template:

Cite two different funding sources that you have located (using APA formatting).
Briefly summarize the goals and mission for each source.
Which source is a better fit for your early childhood program? Include detailed information to support your response.
Provide the contact information for the funding option you have selected.
Part 2: Funding Plan

Now that you have a possible funding source, it is time to combine this with your additional ideas for funding and create the Funding Plan.

Please include the following information in Part 2 of your template:

Briefly describe your organization that you are funding.
Identify two donor groups that appeal to you to meet the needs of your funding plan.
List and briefly explain three fundraising initiatives.
Some examples may include person-to-person meetings, grants, hosting or attending fundraising events, and online donations.
For each selected initiative, provide the following information:
Funding goal: How much money do you plan to generate?
Purpose: What do you plan to fund with each initiative?
Timeline: When will each event be held?
Part 3: Donation Request Letter

Using the prospect that you selected in Part 1, compose a donation request letter.

Please include the following information in Part 3 of your template:

Include a letter heading and greeting appropriate to your prospective funding source.
Start with a declarative statement to introduce yourself and your role within your organization.
Identify your organization by name, explain what it does, and why you are asking for money.
Describe what the funds will be used for and the difference that the donation will make to your program.
End your letter by directly asking for the donation.
Part 4: Marketing Plan

Marketing is a big part of your success. Building relationships with potential donors, reaching out, and spotlighting your organization will build your organizations credibility. Reflect on your previous learning about marketing your organization through print and social media, as well as developing relationships through personal interactions and online donations.

Please include the following information in Part 4 of your template:

Describe four marketing activity events (one of which must be a form of online marketing) that are seasonally related to the enrollment needs of your organization.
Identify the party responsible for organizing the marketing activity.
Break down the role that the responsible party will play in the marketing activity.

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