Expository Essay on “The Sunflower”

This is a hefty task, I need a great quality paper hovering in the A to B range for an entry-level college English class, but I do NOT require perfection.  You will need to read the first book (about 99 pages) of “The Sunflower” by Simon Wiesenthal and understand it well.  I need this work to be original, as I would like to then make it into my own once you have completed it with my own way of writing.  Do not worry about a header or things like that.  I only need the introduction, body, conclusion, and MLA works cited.  Please include in-text citations as well.  Here is the prompt:

Type an 800 to 1100 word essay in which you summarize book one of The Sunflower, and include a paraphrase of the passage below. You will then use that passage as a springboard into your assertion and explanation of what you think about forgiveness and how relationships, personal and casual, affect our daily lives. Your essay should focus on our society and the citizens of the World, not on personal features. This is not a book report, but an essay examining the topic of forgiveness.

Another way to approach this essay is to think about these questions as you write your essay: What does forgiveness seem to assert about individuals and their role in society?  What does the passage to be paraphrased say, and what concern does it seem to express about such matters? What ideal ways of behaving within society can be found in stories of forgiveness and how are those behaviors copied?

Rather than remind you of all the audience-awareness and academic-based conventions you need to demonstrate in this essay, I will just say write a truly thoughtful, academic essay using all the conventions studied in ENG1100 to an educated, culturally diverse audience that has NEVER READ the book.

Now for the passage from The Sunflower—

    Be careful, my friend, continued Josek. In each persons life there are historic moments which rarely occurand today you have experienced one such. It is not a simple problem for you I can see you are not entirely pleased with yourself. But I assure you that I would have done the same as you did. The only difference perhaps is that I would have refused my pardon quite deliberately and openly and yet with a clear conscience. You act more unconsciously. And now you dont know whether it was right or wrong. But believe me it was right. You have suffered nothing because of him, and it follows that what he has done to other people you are in no position to forgive (65).

I have attached a rubric as well. If interested, then I can offer you more details!

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