Discussion: Strategic Planning Model

Discussion: Strategic Planning Model

Discussion: Strategic Planning Model

Discussion: Strategic Planning Model


Week 10 discussion Identify the strategic planning model used in your healthcare organization (goals-based; issues-based; organic; and scenario planning). Describe how nurses are integrated into strategic planning in your current healthcare organization. Identify two strategies you would use as a nurse manager to engage all nursing staff into the strategic planning process.

Strategic planning is crucial to your business’ long-term success. It not only provides a sense of direction and outlines objectives, but is also useful when making day-to-day decisions. Strategic planning models function as designs, similar to blueprints used during construction. There is no one best model. It is up to businesses to select and alter models based on issues that need to be addressed and goals that want to be reached. Learn all about strategic planning models to determine which are best suited for your business.

1. Basic Strategic Planning Model

Basic or simple strategic planning models are often chosen by new organizations that have minimal experience with strategic planning. They are also effective for businesses that have little time to spend on the strategic planning process. As the name states, this is the most basic type of strategic planning that is usually used by small businesses until they become more established.

Basic strategic planning typically consists of creating a mission statement that describes why a business or organization exists. Next, choose your business’ intermediate goals pertaining to what needs to be accomplished first to meet your mission. You will then want to identify strategies that can be used to reach your goals. Create action plans that list the necessary steps that your business must take to properly implement a strategy. As you take action, monitor your progress.

2. Issue- or Goal-Based Strategic Planning Model

Many businesses that begin with basic strategic planning models evolve to using issue-based or goal-based planning. This enhancement of the basic model is designed for more established businesses or organizations who want to dive deeper into the strategic planning process. This is the most commonly used type of strategic planning models and does not require all steps to be completed each year.

This type of model typically starts with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, or an assessment of the external and internal forces within a business. Next, the stakeholders identify goals and issues in which the business can use to better prioritize their objectives. The next steps include designing a mission statement, establishing action plans, creating a strategic plan, developing an annual operating plan, and authorizing the budget for the first year. Finally, the plan involves conducting the first year’s operations and monitoring the strategic plan.

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