Contemporary public policy issue- Mental Health Policy

We expect you to do some research for the following essay, and you will need to support your argument. If you choose to quote directly or otherwise reference someone else’s original idea, please include proper, in-text citation, Chicago style. Identify a contemporary policy issue that interests you and take a stance on the direction the policy should take. What would a successful solution to the problem be, and why?  For the purposes of this essay, imagine that the audience is familiar with the topic, but that you need to defend any assertions you make to be convincing. The admissions committee will evaluate you not on whatever position you take, but on how well you can clearly defend your thesis with solid arguments, evidence, and reasoning. A strong essay will explicitly identify and respond to counterarguments to your thesis; citations are not included in the work count.


I want the issue to be mental health policy and prison reform so that mental illness is treated instead of ignored.

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