Case Analysis (Barco Projection Systems) Marketing course

5 page single space case analysis including SWOT analysis and answering the essay questions:

Barco Projection Systems (A):
1.    Describe the product line strategy of the Barco Projection Systems Division.
2.    On p. 12 of the Barco  case, Dejonghe comments that All of our projections, however, were based on the assumption that Sony would respect our vision of the marketplace. What does this mean? When does one competitor accept anothers vision of the market?
3.    Why did Sony decide to reject BPSs vision of the market in August 1989?
4.    How serious a threat is the Sony 1270? What are Sonys objectives?
5.    Did Barco make a mistake somewhere along the wayor do things like this just happen when competing in high technology businesses on a global scale?
6.    What should Barco do now with respect to price?
7.    What should Barco do now with respect to its product development plans?

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