Academic Integrity

This is a letter writing to Professor Mrs. R of the course I cheated.

The letter should be 2-3 pages in length and should address what you did, what you learned, and what steps you are taking to ensure academic misconduct does not happen again.

What I did:
I cheated on my Education 123s final exam by using my phone hidden in my pencil case. I was reported by a student sitting next to me (and I didnt know it, until I had a meeting with an associate director of academic integrity of the school). On that meeting, I said that the reason I cheated was to get a good grade, and I saw other people cheating so that made me feel like I can do the same thing (stupid I know). After the meeting, I sent an email to the associate director, saying that the true reason I cheat is to not be criticized by my parents, because I have a sister whos a straight A student, and Im always the average one blablabla.

Using simple words but very sincere attitude.

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